{{$t('Privacy Policy of Team Walk')}}

{{$t('Data administrator')}}

{{$t('Company name: Sakai System and Consulting LLC.')}}

{{$t('Location: 1-3-1, Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kanda Business Center')}}

{{$t('Contact: info@sakai-sc.co.jp')}}

{{$t('Content and purpose of acquisition of personal data of our customers')}}

{{$t('A. Data created and provided by the customer while using the app')}}

  1. {{$t('Nickname specified by the customer')}}

    {{$t('This value does not have to be your real name unless you optionally specify your real name. It is displayed as an identification name in the step count ranking creation, which is the main function.')}}

  2. {{$t('Step count information obtained from the healthcare app (iOS) or Google Fit (Android)')}}


{{$t('B. Information we collect (excluding those related to advertising)')}}

  1. {{$t('Email address')}}

    {{$t('Used by team owners to invite members. When the member registers for the first time, it will be deleted from the server.')}}

  2. {{$t('Device language setting')}}

    {{$t('Used to specify the language of the message returned from the server.')}}

  3. {{$t('Application API access information: IP address, HTTP method, device type, device OS type (iOS or Android binary information)')}}

    {{$t('It is used to prevent multiple account registration and excessive access, and to grasp the usage limit of the Google Fit authentication API (provided by Google).')}}

{{$t('C. Information about third-party advertising')}}

削除しました。/ Deleted.

{{$t('D. Google account credentials (Android device only)')}}

{{$t('If the customer uses Android devices, this app use the Google Fit App to get step count data. You will be asked to log in to your Google account to get step count data from the Google Fit App. However, we cannot get the details of login information such as name and password.')}}

{{$t('Purpose of processing personal data')}}

{{$t('We use your personal data for the following purposes in our legitimate interests and / or with your consent.')}}

  1. {{$t('To achieve the purpose of the service. In addition, our services here include apps, customized content, payment processing for products and services purchased within the app, and improvements to the app.')}}
  2. 削除しました。/ Deleted.

{{$t('Disclosure of personal data')}}

{{$t('In the following situations, we may disclose your personal data to the following persons.')}}

  • {{$t('Authorized Employees or Affiliates: These authorized individuals, where necessary, are the minimum required to provide customer support, operate systems and services, or investigate fraudulent or security cases. Access the data of.')}}
  • {{$t('Payment service provider: Payment for goods and services ordered through the app will be processed by a secure and reliable payment processor such as Apple or Google. We do not store payment information.')}}
  • {{$t('Infrastructure Vendors Other Service Providers: We store all data on servers provided by secure infrastructure services.')}}
  • {{$t('Law enforcement agencies: We will disclose the minimum amount of data required to law enforcement agencies in response to requests based on the law.')}}

{{$t('In order to process personal data, we appoint a service provider who is a third party. Service providers include:')}}

  • Amazon Web Services ({{$t('Data storage, calculation, etc.')}})
  • Apple In-App Purchase、Google Play Billing ({{$t('Payment processing')}})

{{$t('We will do everything possible to protect the security and privacy of your data. We will only disclose your personal data if it is necessary for the purposes described in \"Purposes of Processing Personal Data\" above. Your personal data will not be sold to third parties, even in the form of anonymized statistical data.')}}

{{$t('Personal data retention period')}}

{{$t('All data posted in \"Our customer\'s personal data acquisition method and acquisition contents\" will be deleted approximately one year after the acquisition date.')}}

{{$t('Changing to this privacy policy')}}

{{$t('We may change this privacy policy from time to time to better comply with our privacy-related legal obligations.')}}

{{$t('Creation / revision history')}}

{{$t('9/6/2021 First notice')}}
{{$t('9/9/2021 Revised to use email address for new authentication method')}}
{{$t('9/19/2021 Added English notation. Revised notation in Japanese notation to clarify main predicate expressions')}} {{$t('6/17/2022')}}




  1. 本利用契約に基づき当社から提供された本サイトおよび本ソフトウェアを含む情報および役務を本サービスの利用以外の目的のために使用する行為
  2. 当社もしくは第三者の財産(知的財産権を含みます。)、プライバシー、名誉、信用、肖像、パブリシティーその他の権利・利益を侵害する行為または侵害するおそれのある行為
  3. 法令に違反し、もしくは公序良俗に反する行為またはそのおそれのある行為
  4. 第三者のニックネーム、チームパスワード、ユーザーパスワード等を不正に使用または取得する行為その他会員または利用者が、第三者を装って本サービスを利用する行為
  5. コンピュータウィルスなどの有害なプログラムを使用し、もしくは送信する行為、またはそのおそれのある行為
  6. 前号に定めるものの他、不正アクセス行為等当社による業務の遂行、本サービスの実施もしくは当社の通信設備等に支障を及ぼし、またはそのおそれがあると当社が判断する行為


  1. 本ソフトウェアの複製、翻訳、翻案等の改変を行うこと
  2. 本ソフトウェアの販売、配布、再使用許諾、公衆送信(送信可能化を含みます。)、貸与、譲渡、またはリースその他の処分を行うこと
  3. 本ソフトウェアに設けられたコピーガード等の技術的な保護手段を回避する方法で使用すること
  4. 本ソフトウェアの一部または全部のリバースエンジニアリング、逆コンパイルもしくは逆アセンブルを行い、またはその他の方法でソースコードを抽出すること
  5. 第三者が複製できるように本ソフトウェアを公開すること
  6. 前各号に定める他、本ソフトウェアの利用目的に照らして当社が不適切と判断する行為



  1. インターネット接続ができない場所において本ソフトウェアを利用する場合
  2. リアルタイム通信ができない通信状況において本ソフトウェアを利用する場合














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